The South & Goodbye

by Robert Kramer

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Nora the Janitor
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Nora the Janitor Robert is easily my favorite NoDak songwriter. Beautiful, powerful & understated music with melodies that move and shake me to my core. You'll be listening to this one on repeat, all winter long. Favorite track: Closer.
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Written and recorded between summer 2012 and fall 2014 in Nashville, TN and Bismarck, ND

Recorded primarily on a Tascam Porta07 4-track


released October 10, 2014

All songwriting, performance, recording, mixing and mastering by Robert Kramer except “Some Other State” featuring Blake Burbach.

Film photography by Michael Kramer. Design by Graham Thomas. The South & Goodbye is set in Silas Dilworth's typeface Adriane, from the Adobe Typekit font collection.



all rights reserved


Robert Kramer Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Oh the Love
Dreaming in cold sweat
Tiny devils in my blood
A year or two behind
Climbing out the hole I dug

Future looks just like the past
(Looks like rain)
I guess nice guys finish last
Press rewind, press rewind
(Tastes like blood)
Oh the love we left behind

Half a mind to empty mine
Empty bottles empty house
Sun went down and all was hollow
When you chased the strangers out

Now you’re sitting in the dark
(Pray for whats left)
And theres lightning in your heart
Can we ever hope to find
(Of this empty mess)
Oh the love we left behind
Track Name: Days Long Gone
I remember
When we had rivers
And bridges to jump off of

Those days are so long gone
And Im gone

I remember
We had lots of drugs
And lovers to watch sunsets
I remember
We had us a band
And those sweet sounds of summer

Those days are so long gone
And Im gone
Track Name: Northern Lights
Oh lord please take me in my sleep
Cause living life I don't know what it means
Take my body so I can see
If there’s northern lights inside of me

And when I finally cease to breath
I wanna feel your heartbeat next to me
Close so I can steal your heat
Leave this bitter world that you made sweet

All I ever had to lose
The only thing I ever knew was true
The colors that made me fall in love
These northern lights inside of you
Track Name: Bandage
I keep my hands in my pockets
So I don’t use them against anyone
Do you see what you’ve done

Im getting used to this bandage
In fact, I think it looks good on me
Is that so hard to believe

I can’t control what Im feeling
So every feeling is new to me
I think they’re all just used to me

I sleep the best when its raining
Its so relaxing when I think
Im not missing anything
Track Name: Backyard
Go to sleep
Theres nothing here for you to see
And should you dream of me
I’ll send a bullet through your teeth
Went to where the lake should be
But all I found was steam
I looked for the devil there
But all I found was me

And it was hard
I lost my teeth all over this backyard
And it aches
These roadside pictures I tried not to take

You break my heart

Sister has a smile designed to cut you down to size
And brother never listens but he always has advice
Id give my body just to watch this family unwind
And fall apart, and make it hard
I drink this hollow vine

And I’ll be
Perfect when I find my way to sleep
And I’ll dream
Of things I will pretend I don’t believe

You break my heart

(Run away)
Last night I dreamt
I had feet made of cement
Fought the river and the river won
Goodbye liver, goodbye lungs
Track Name: Some Other State
Everybodys new
Everybodys rude
The whole damn towns
Just passing through
By some fate
I saw you
Something sweet
Something true

I never told the truth

Everybodys light
Everybodys high
Their whole damn lives
Just passing by
By some fate
I survived
Those days where my
End was nigh

I never told a lie
I never told the truth
I never said goodbye
Track Name: Spilled All Over
Waking up in dampened light
Looking for an exit sign
Covers keep the thought tucked in
Compassion wont save you this time
In the town you used to love
The river bed is drying up
Wolves are howling down the block
And they wont stop till they see blood

Can you really even blame them when they don't pick up
See they always disappear whenever you get stuck

Maybe Im too deep in this
Slurred and crooked week of bliss
All alone its clear that Im
An isolated incident
Spilled all over late last night
A blemish on a starched white lie
This is all just part of life
And everybody has to die

Left with all of the excuses you’re so prone to use
Trying desperately to hide inside your own two shoes
Track Name: These Winter Sunsets
In the snow
My lungs are working hard
A small solar system in my front yard
And my heart
Is broken like it always was
Like it was when I was born

In the younger days I swore
The dark would follow me no more

But here it is
And it comes to me in swarms
If I could find a gentle soul to keep me warm
Until that day
The tempest is my home
And Im doomed to walk these frozen plains alone

With no shelter till you melt me in your palms
These winter sunsets are my psalms
Track Name: Please Turn Out My Light
Lost in loss
Cant you hear them laughing at me
God and everyone
My hearts just some toy they’re playing with

Theres no reason I exist
And my season is long past
There is peace in every night
There is peace in each long last
Will you please turn out my light

Smoke and fire
Cant you see me burning for you
God and everyone
Sit around the flames and warm your hands

Steady making all your plans
Through an endless pane of glass
Though I see the other side
I cant touch it with my hands
Will you please turn out my light
Theres no reason I exist
And my season is long past
There is peace in every night
There is peace in each long last
Will you please turn out my light
Track Name: Closer
Don't come any closer
I want you to stay
Once I let them in my heart
They all run away

Feel these broken branches
Lost friends and romances
Its just hard to take my chances
These days

Faith and hope and wishes
They’ve become my sickness
Im exhausted
I just wanted to be closer